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     Using only a simple photo, we can make you a truly one-of-a-kind doll that will be cherished forever. Soft, cuddly, and washable, Baby Me Keepsake Photo Dolls & Bears are the perfect gift for children and adults alike.

     Created in 1990, Baby Me Dolls & Bears have appeared at some of your favorite retail stores, including Walgreens, Osco, and Value One, and in Miles Kimball, Fingerhut, Walter Drake, and Sears catalogs.

     Because they are for you or someone you love, each Baby Me Doll & Bear is made with special care and attention to detail by our expert staff of designers and doll makers. And of course, your precious photos are always returned completely unharmed.

     For nearly fifteen years, Baby Me Dolls & Bears have made people all over the world smile, laugh, and giggle. In some cases, they even change lives.  Our customers will tell you so themselves.

     For us, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that our products make people feel good. That has been our goal from the beginning. So, buy a Baby Me Photo Doll or Bear today. Give one to yourself, or to someone you love.  And put on a happy face. :-)


          Laser Reproductions, Inc. of Skokie, Illinois, DBA Care Creations, Inc., is the exclusive licensee of Baby Me and Binkie Photo Dolls & Photo Bears.

     All Baby Me Keepsake Photo Dolls & Bears, with or without any outfit, are protected by the copyright laws of the United States. Registered designs may or may not appear on our website.  If you are obtaining any similar doll or bear from any supplier other than Laser Reproductions, Inc., you may be violating our copyrights.  Any copying, reproduction, or modification of any of these or substantially similar products by you, could subject you to civil and/or criminal penalties.

     Baby Me is a registered trademark of Laser Reproductions, Inc.  N.E. Buddy, Binkie, Photo Doll and Photo Bear are trademarks of Laser Reproductions, Inc.

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