Peri K Designs by Robin Sorbello

Peri K Designs has been operating in business since 2005 and shortly thereafter launched their business on ebay.   Robin Sorbello is the owner of Peri K Designs and is a designer and graphic artist.  Peri K Designs launched their artwork on the shoreline of the Friday Night Surfer’s Paradise Beachfront Markets in 2005.



PERI K DESIGNS is a member of ebay's Verified Rights Owner (veRO) Program.


None of PERI K DESIGNS works may be reproduced in any form or by any means without written permission of PERI K DESIGNS.


All artwork and designs are created by Robin Sorbello and produced only by Peri K Designs.  All artwork and designs are copyright and remain the property of Robin Sorbello of Peri K Designs.  All rights are reserved.

Reproduction of any of Peri K Designs artwork or designs or substantial infringement is prohibited. 

If you are unsure or have questions about copyright laws in relation to artwork, there is plenty of information available on the internet to make sure that you are not infringing on another person’s artwork.


We will search regularly on eBay listings to protect our works and rights against unauthorized use  and infringement and will report to eBay.