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We are a consumer products company, in Shelton, Connecticut.  We are privileged to own hundreds of registered trademarks worldwide -- including famous marks such as BINKY®, DIAPER GENIE®, GENTLE GLIDE®, and WET ONES®.   


As a member of the eBay VeRO Program, we are careful to monitor eBay, to enforce the proper use of our intellectual property -- and ensure product safety for consumers.  Any auctions found to have impermissibly used our intellectual property will be brought to the attention of eBay for further action, including the possible removal of the auction. 

We provide this page to do our best to ensure that eBay buyers receive only legitimate Playtex merchandise.  Please contact eBay Customer Support if you find an item listed for auction that you suspect is unauthorized.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Why was my auction removed?


A:  We cannot permit the infringing use of any of our intellectual property on eBay.  The trademark laws require that a trademark owner prevent unauthorized or potentially confusing uses (or misuses) of its trademarks.  This is to ensure that customers are not confused, and also helps to prevent generic uses of valuable marks, as well as dilution, disparagement, or other diminishment of goodwill and reputation.  We ask that eBay users respect our rights and please seek counsel before engaging in any activity that might violate our trademark rights, or those of any other trademark owner.


Q:  Why was my auction singled out when there are similar items still for sale on eBay?


A:  We work hard to ensure that any auctions that contain infringements of our intellectual property are removed from eBay as soon as possible.  However, given the popularity of our brands, the high volume of merchandise for sale on eBay, and the frequency of newly added auctions, it is difficult to immediately identify and remove every infringing  item.  If it appears we have not yet acted against an infringing auction, that does not mean we will not act, or that the auction is not in violation of United States and international laws.


Q:  Why did eBay allow me to post my auction if it is infringing a Playtex trademark?


A:  eBay does not pre-screen auctions or verify that a seller has the right to sell any specific item.


Q:  How can I make sure my listing is non-infringing?


A:  The easiest way to make sure your listing is non-infringing is to avoid using any of our trademarks, or any confusingly similar variations of them, in the title or description of your listing. 


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