plnick and The Photographer's Store  exclusively owns all intellectual property rights to our photographic images and text materials which appear in our eBay listings, whether accompanying an image or standing alone.

Unlicensed uses of our images, texts,  in whole or in part, is a violation of U. S. Federal law and international copyright conventions.

Ebay offers a great opportunity for photographers and graphic artists to sell their work to each other. We have purchased many great backgrounds on ebay and offer ours for sale.

When a photographer or graphic artist creates an image, either by photographing it or creating it, it belongs to them. They automatically by law own the copyright to that image and every part of it. That is why it is in violation of international copyright laws to sell someone else's images. Of course, purchasing backgrounds to place subjects into that background image using a photo editing program and then selling the final flattened image (which contains a subject) to a customer is perfectly legal. Just don't sell the images alone.

We have been a member of the eBay community since  1999, and we strongly support the stated purpose of eBay's Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program.

We randomly search other eBay listings for copyright infringements of our images and immediately report any actual or suspected infringements that we find either to eBay or to any other eBay user whose copyright property rights appear to have been violated.