UK Manufacturers of Air Line Products and Tyre Inflation Equipment

PCL is recognised as the global market leader in the design and manufacture of Tyre Inflation and Compressed Air products for Industrial,Petrol Forecourt and Automotive markets.

There are many PCL items for sale on eBay. These are sold by private individuals and business, not PCL and we are not responsible for the business practices of these sellers on eBay.

PCL and eBay auctions

To protect our good name, we are a member of the VeRO program and periodically police eBay auctions. If there is a violation, we will cancel the auction. Most auctions are cancelled for either using the PCL brand to describe goods which are not actually PCL or copyrighted product photos were used without consent.

If your auction has been cancelled by us, the notice will provide our contact information.

If you would like to report a situation which you believe should be brought to our attention, please contact us at

If you have any questions about using the PCL brand and auction practices, please feel free to contact us at


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