Power Art Design Airbrush has created and produced the following DVD sets

-Power Series Level 1 DVD set by Daniel Power
-Power Series Level 2 DVD set by Daniel Power
-Airbrushing with Candies: The Definitive Guide DVD set by Daniel Power
-How to Airbrush and XBox: 50 Cent DVD set by Daniel Power

It is illegal to sell unauthorised copies of the above DVDs.  As a seller, you have the responsibility to ensure that your auctions do not violate the intellectual property rights of another. Ignorance of an intellectual property violation is no excuse. Before commencing an eBay auction, you must take affirmative steps to ensure that your auction does not violate the rights of any copyright or trademark holder. If you have questions concerning Power Art Design Airbrushs Pty Ltd's intellectual property rights, please send correspondence to info@powerstudios.com.au and provide us with the eBay item number. which appears on the message sent to you from eBay.

Ebay sellers may sell second hand orignal DVDs through ebay.