Power Straight® Anti-Slice Golf Club Coating

Power Straight® Anti-Slice Golf Club Coating is a patented, nanopolymer golf club coating scientifically engineered to reduce side spin to reduce a slice or a hook.

Power Straight® is the registered trademark owned by US Envirotech, Inc.

US Envirotech's corporate and Americas' headquarters are in Albuquerque, New Mexico. US Envirotech's exclusive distributor of Power Straight for Asia/Pacific is Green International, Inc. located in South Korea.

US Envirotech, Inc and its official licensee / distributor Green International, Inc. have the legal responsibility to enforce its trademark and copyright rights. Power Straight ® by US Envirotech provides this page to educate eBay users about auctions that infringe on our intellectual property rights. The manufacture, distribution and/or sale of counterfeit Power Straight® merchandise is illegal and carries criminal penalties. Power Straight® by US Envirotech will agressively pursue those guilty of infringing our trademarks and copyrighted materials.

Power Straight® by US Envirotech is a member of the eBay VeRO Program and actively and regularly monitors both the use of its trademarks and copyrighted works, and the sale of products bearing our intellectual property on eBay. We suggest that both sellers and buyers on eBay be extremely careful about the Power Straight® products they sell and buy.

The sale of unlicensed, counterfeit Power Straight® goods is illegal and may result in monetary fines and imprisonment.

Power Straight® by US Envirotech and its licensees have the exclusive right to use its copyrighted works and trademarks. US Envirotech's Power Straight® trademarks are protected under various international trademark laws. Anyone who uses US Envirotech's Power Straight® marks, without US Envirotech’s permission, is liable for trademark infringement. All textual, graphic and photographic works produced and published by Power Straight® by US Envirotech or its licensees are protected under international copyright laws. Anyone who produces, copies, distributes or displays Power Straight® by US Envirotech copyrighted materials, without US Envirotech’s permission, is liable for copyright infringement.

When an auction listing that improperly uses Power Straight® Trade Marks and/or copyright material comes to its attention, US Envirotech reviews the matter and takes appropriate action.

Due to the high volume of eBay listings, it is difficult to identify and remove every unauthorized item. US Envirotech provides no guarantee to the authenticity any Power Straight® products sold on eBay. US Envirotech’s policy is to cancel any offending auctions and to take whatever other steps it considers appropriate to protect its rights. If the auction is for suspected counterfeit items, US Envirotech will insist that sellers provide authentic proof-of-purchase or verifiable source for all Power Straight® products offered in your listing. If proof-of-purchase or verifiable source is not provided, the seller must turn over the counterfeit and never to list infringements or counterfeits again.

If you have any questions or wish to report the sale of counterfeit Power Straight product, please contact US Envirotech’s US headquarters:

US Envirotech, Inc.
Att: Power Straight Legal Department
4401 Central Ave, Suite A,
Albuquerque, NM 87108;
Telephone 505-217- 2292
Email: eva@powerstraight.com

US Envirotech, Inc. welcomes any information on the sale of counterfeit product and personal information is strictly confidential.

For further information about authentic Power Straight products you are invited to visit the websites of our product at: www.powerstraight.com and www.pstgolf.com.