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Premium Fishing Auctions is the Australian Fisherman's Premier Tackle Source. We not only sell it, We Live it.

With more than 15 years combined fishing experience, the team at Premium Fishing Auctions has a wealth of knowledge about fishing products. We are passionate about all forms of fishing, our fortes being LBG - Land Based Game & Offshore for Marlin, Cobia, Bluefin Tuna, Dolphin Fish and many other species.

We Fish

Yes that's right, we do fish and are totally obsessed about it.

Each season down here in cold Melbourne we try and test all of our equipment on species such as Snapper, Mulloway, Gummy Sharks, Mako's and the humble old Salmon.

We also make a trip each year up to New South Wales for the Tuna and Marlin seasons and without fail the areas always turn on the fish. Our accomplishments include Marlin, Cobia (LBG), Dolphin Fish, Northern Bluefin Tuna(LBG) and plenty of Snapper.

Our Products

Our passion for fishing and fishing equipment inspired us to Custom Design and Develop a leading range of Fishing Rods, Reels and Tackle to suit almost all types of fishing. We have custom designed every rod, reel and lure in the range, so it specifically suits Australian fishing environments. Each of the factories manufacturing our products follow stringent quality control standards at every stage in the development process. You can rest assured that our products are of the Highest Quality!

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