RAZORMAID! is a restricted promotional DJ service, who's product is available to registered members only. Although you need not be a DJ to purchase our product. This service is NOT available to non registered members!

Because of the contractual arrangements we have made with each record label to secure the right to create alternative versions of their artist's songs, it is forbidden for our product to be duplicated, traded auctioned, or sold in any matter whatsoever!

Furthermore, in accordance with the Digital Millennium Act of 1996, it is illegal for all copyrighted recordings to be made into MPEG3 audio samples, for the sole purpose of trading or downloading to others, via the Internet. Any Razormiad member that allows our product to fall into the hands of anyone, through these means will have thier membership terminated immediately and ALL monetary refunds forfeited, No exceptions!

For our protection, individuals violating any of the above will be excluded from further purchases and reported to the legal department of the R.I.A.A., the local branch of the FBI in thier area and any record labels involved in the misuse of our product.

These actions are required by us, in order to guarantee each participating record label, that our restricted releases will not be in the possession of any non registered members.


For Questions please contact us.