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The Red Hat Society Inc. ("RHS")is one of the largest international social organizations for women, promoting positive play and supporting women in pursuit of their dreams through fun, friendship, freedom, fulfillment and fitness. RHS is dedicated to reshaping the way women are viewed in today's culture. The Society was founded by Sue Ellen Cooper with some of her closest friends in Fullerton, California on April 25, 1998. RHS has spent over a decade developing strong online tools for Members to share their unique and motivating stories, and to facilitate interconnection and celebration of life as a Sisterhood. Women over age 50 are known as "Red Hatters," while those under 50 are lovingly referred to as "Pink Hatters." The Society also serves as the focal point for all communications and opportunities for its Members, offering tools, tips, discounts, services and events for Hatters.



RHS was incorporated as The Red Hat Society, Inc. in 2001, and possesses significant intellectual property rights. RHS has a legal obligation to protect its name and brand to preserve its identity. Failure to protect RHS intellectual property from unauthorized use would result in the loss of this unique and distinctive Sisterhood. 


There are many who would like to utilize our intellectual property for their own commercial purposes or try to make the public think that they are RHS by using its intellectual property in connection with products, services, platforms, projects and programs (including blogs, newsletters, advertisements, and websites).


Our Company appreciates that people feel a connection to us, and want to promote positive play. However, unauthorized use of RHS artwork, copyrights and trademarks - even with good intentions - is a violation of our Company's intellectual property rights.


Licensed businesses and other partners authorized to use our intellectual property can be found on our official website. These businesses have been vetted through our license approval process.   


If you are aware of others using our copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property without our authorization, please contact us


RHS appreciates your support as we continue to work and play together to enhance the meaning of lives in this wonderful Sisterhood!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Q: Why can't I use terms such as "Red Hat," "Red Hat Society," "Red Hat Ladies," "Red Hatter," "Pink Hatter" or similar phrases in my auction heading or item description?


A: It is misleading and may cause confusion that there is a legitimate connection or endorsement between the seller of the unauthorized product and RHS. Counterfeit or infringing products and services violate state and federal law.  



Q: Why didn't RHS contact me directly before reporting my auction to eBay?


A: eBay is responsible for items posted on its site and has provided an effective process for addressing infringement. In addition, it would take a large commitment of time and resources for The Red Hat Society, Inc. to contact each seller individually. Although we strive for personal contact, it is not possible for us to do so in these matters.  



Q: How can I become a licensed partner with RHS?


A: The appropriate way is by obtaining an agreement that permits use of our intellectual property. Details are provided at  


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