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RELLECIGA is a swimwear brand launched by RIDI (RELLECIGA Industry Design Institute) located in Paris, France. RIDI was a designer team who created customized fashion for celebrities and royal families. RIDI designed pieces were not available to the public until 2009 when they decided to branch out into swimwear set up a new brand they named RELLECIGA. RELLECIGA devotes itself to designing swimwear for fashion lovers all around the world. We picked the name RELLECIGA from a variety of events that lead up to the creation of our brand. RELLECIGA is an anagram representing our ideas and values as a company. RE stands for focusing on the end goal despite hardships faced, ELLE represents the beautiful female form in French, while CIGA is short for: confidence, inspiration, glamour, and class.

RELLECIGA'S goal is to design sexy swimwear as unique as the beautiful woman wearing it.


RELLECIGA was incorporated as SHENZHEN BCN TRADING CO.,LTD in 2014, and possesses significant intellectual property rights. RELLECIGA has a legal obligation to protect its name and brand to preserve its identity. Failure to protect RELLECIGA intellectual property from unauthorized use would result in the loss of this unique and distinctive Sisterhood. 

There are many who would like to utilize our intellectual property for their own commercial purposes or try to make the public think that they are RELLECIGA by using its intellectual property in connection with products, services, platforms, projects and programs (including blogs, newsletters, advertisements, and websites).

Our Company appreciates that people feel a connection to us, and want to promote positive play. However, unauthorized use of RELLECIGA artwork, copyrights and trademarks - even with good intentions - is a violation of our Company's intellectual property rights.

Licensed businesses and other partners authorized to use our intellectual property can be found on our official website. These businesses have been vetted through our license approval process.  

RELLECIGA appreciates your support as we continue to work and play together to enhance the meaning of lives in this wonderful Sisterhood!



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why was my auction suspended/cancelled?

A: RELLECIGA has a good faith belief that the merchandise that you posted for auction or sale is counterfeit or otherwise infringes RELLECIGA trademarks or copyrights.

Q: Why did eBay allow me to post my auction?

A: Because eBay is only a venue for others to buy and sell on, they are not in a position to authenticate merchandise and disallow any potentially infringing items

Q: How can I tell if the item I offered or purchased is real?

A: The only way you can be certain that you are purchasing a genuine RELLECIGA product is to purchase it from a RELLECIGA retail store, via our website ( or through a RELLECIGA catalogue.  RELLECIGA stores do not authenticate merchandise.

Q: Why can’t I use RELLECIGA graphics to sell my merchandise?

A: RELLECIGA marketing materials are protected under copyright law. Unauthorized use or reproduction is strictly prohibited.