RE/MAX International, Inc. (RE/MAX) is the franchisor of a global network of independent real estate affiliates who lead the industry in providing professional, knowledgeable and reliable real estate services.  Visit to find out more about RE/MAX or to find a RE/MAX agent to help you buy or sell your property.


RE/MAX owns and has invested significantly in building the reputation and value of the RE/MAX name, trademarks, service marks and trade dress (the RE/MAX Marks). It is important that we preserve the value of the goodwill that has been developed in connection with the RE/MAX Marks.


RE/MAX affiliates are licensed to use the RE/MAX Marks in connection with the real estate services they provide.  Sales of products or services which use or display the RE/MAX Marks and/or our copyrighted material, other than by RE/MAX or by licensees in accordance with an applicable license, may constitute trademark infringement, trademark dilution, unfair competition and/or copyright infringement.


Even unauthorized products or services which carry a disclaimer, or merely claim to be RE/MAX-like, may violate trademark and/or copyright law.  Some examples of unauthorized uses include certain real estate yard signs, certain business cards, and real estate listings that do not identify the particular RE/MAX brokerage responsible for the listed property.  Individually made items also may violate our rights.


To protect our reputation for quality service, it is our policy to request the removal of any eBay auctions that infringe our trademark rights and/or copyrights.





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