Easton Sports is a market leader in the design, manufacture and sale of high performance

sports equipment. Over the past 80 years, Easton Sports has expended considerable

resources to acquire and maintain this reputation with elite level athletes and the general

public and is known in the sporting goods industry for providing products with the

highest level of quality, the maximum allowable level of performance and industry

leading customer service.

Our continuous efforts to design the finest products and build our reputation and brands

have resulted in hundreds of trademarks, service marks, patents and copyrights.

Unauthorized use of our intellectual property and misrepresentation of our products by

third parties can severely damage the reputation we have worked so hard to build. It is

for this reason that Easton Sports has become a member of the eBay VeRO Program. We

are providing this page to educate all eBay users about our policy concerning auctions

that infringe the intellectual property rights of Easton Sports, and to assist buyers in

identifying unauthorized and/or counterfeit equipment.

In accordance with this policy, Easton Sports monitors eBay and other auction site

listings to help ensure authenticity of Easton Sports’ products, and to safeguard our

reputation and business practices.

Protection of Easton’s Trademarks

Easton Sports owns numerous trademark registrations for the EASTON trademark, our

Diamond E logos and our individual product line trademarks (such as STEALTH,

SYNERGY and numerous others). Those rights prohibit anyone other than Easton

Sports, or those whom Easton Sports has authorized, from using our trademarks to sell

goods using our marks.

Easton Sports fully cooperates with law enforcement agencies to stop any counterfeiting

of its products and illegal use of its trademarks. We take full advantage of all criminal

and civil remedies to enforce our rights.

Altered Equipment

Easton Sports and other manufacturers are subject to the performance rules and

regulations established by various governing bodies (such as the NCAA, ASA, USSSA,

HECC, etc). When a product leaves our manufacturing facility, it complies with all

applicable performance standards and other regulations, and bears all appropriate

certifications of the governing bodies. When our products are altered, they may no

longer perform as intended and may not comply with the rules. Altered products, such as

altered bats, may not be resold bearing the original trademarks or certification marks.

Guidelines for Auctioning of Easton Sports Items:

Easton Sports does not currently prevent people from offering used or previouslypurchased

Easton Sports products for resale on any auction site. These secondary market

products may be sold on eBay, provided however, that Sellers must use their own

photographs and provide their own product descriptions. Use of our trademarks in your

product descriptions, or use of our catalogs, images, product tags, packaging and/or

promotional materials are prohibited infringement of our trademark and copyright rights.

In addition, please note that goods sold through Internet auctions, swap meets, flea

markets or any methods other than our authorized dealers, are deemed by Easton

Sports to be "used" (whether in the original packaging or not), counterfeit or stolen.

Accordingly, such items cannot be represented as “new” or “genuine” Easton

equipment. In addition, Easton products sold through Internet auctions, swap

meets and other non-authorized dealer channels carry NO WARRANTY.




Frequently Asked Questions:

Why was my item removed from eBay?

Easton Sports is committed to protecting its trademarks, trade dress rights, intellectual

and copyright rights and its business practices. Easton Sports has asked that your auction

item or items be removed because we have a good faith belief that the item(s) you were

offering are either counterfeit, altered, or infringe on our intellectual property rights. This

determination was made based on your auction's title, description or photographs posted.

Why did eBay allow me to post my auction in the first place?

eBay does not conduct pre-screenings on all of the items that appear on its auction site.

Therefore, impermissible items may be listed initially, but this does not mean that their

sale is permissible or that it does not infringe on the rights of Easton Sports.

Why was my item removed and others allowed to stay?

While Easton Sports works diligently to ensure that all unauthorized uses of its

intellectual property are removed from eBay, it is difficult to remove every occurrence

due to the high volume of auctions and merchandise. Simply because an auction item is

listed on eBay does not mean that it is not violating Easton Sports' intellectual property

rights or that the item is genuine.

Why didn't Easton Sports contact me directly?

Given the volume of auctions that Easton Sports reviews, we do not have the resources to

contact each seller directly. Thanks to eBay, Easton Sports was able to join the VeRO

program which allows us to take direct action to protect the goodwill and value of the

Easton Sports’ brands.

Who can I contact at Easton Sports for more information?

If you have specific questions about our policy that are not addressed in this page, you

may contact our representatives at customerservice@eastonsports.com. If your email

requests information that is already contained in this page, you will not receive a


For more information about Easton Sports and its products, visit our website at