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Rivington Designs has been providing safety related clip art to Health & Safety professionals since 1994. Our products are the result of considerable research and effort in consultation with leading experts in the industry.





UK copyright law is very clear about the ownership of artistic works such as we provide. While the idea for a particular symbol, sign, design or label can be used by anybody, our drawing or drawings of that symbol are our property, and ours alone, and are licenced to our customers on terms described in the Rivington Designs software licence, (see our website).


Our products are not, nor have they ever been, in the Public Domain, Freeware, “Open Source”, “GNU Public Licence” or anything other than the licenced property of Rivington Designs Ltd.

Our products contain a variety of design and technical features which make them easily identifiable as our property.

Our products are always shipped in official Rivington Designs branded packaging, and will include a printed manual describing all the images in a particular software pack, and their filenames. We always provide a full UK VAT invoice, even for purchases made via the internet. We never provide bare CDs or DVDs, or downloads.

If you suspect that our products are being used or sold illegally, please inform us immediately on info@rivingtondesigns.com

To see the full range of images in all our products, visit www.rivingtondesigns.com

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