Information about branded merchandise and why your auction has been terminated

Rolls-Royce plc is the registered proprietor of the trademarks 'Rolls-Royce', the 'Rolls RR Royce' badge and the interlocking 'RR' monogram logo.  These marks have been cited as famous trademarks in various authoritative texts and legal decisions and have been registered for many years and used extensively in relation to a wide variety of goods and services worldwide.

We regret that your auction item has been cancelled but it has been identified that (without our consent) your goods use at least one of the above trademarks to advertise, describe or brand your auction item.  It is illegal to infringe a trademark and/or sell counterfeit merchandise and the manufacture, distribution and/or sale of such goods carries stiff penalties.

We work diligently to protect our reputation for providing the highest quality products and services and to protect our customers from being misled that goods/services are connected to, endorsed by or originate from us.  As a member of eBay’s VeRO Programme for Intellectual Property Rights owners, we aim to preserve the validity and integrity of our trademarks and protect the general public from purchasing illegal merchandise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why was my auction terminated?

A: Your auction was terminated by eBay because we believe the item being sold was counterfeit and/or included an infringement of one or more of the Rolls-Royce trademarks.  Given the nature of the Internet, decisions regarding the authenticity of an item are based upon the photograph and the description of the goods, as well as other less tangible aspects of the auction.  Because we cannot physically see a product posted over the Internet, the information at our disposal as to the counterfeit nature of the item is limited.  We spend many working hours trying to ensure that only counterfeit/infringing Rolls-Royce merchandise is removed.

Q: Why did eBay allow me to post my auction if it is against the law?

A: Despite repeated requests, eBay has told us that they cannot conduct a comprehensive pre-screen of their auctions.  Therefore, certain impermissible items are allowed to be listed, wasting both time and money for the buyer, the seller and us.

Q: Why does Rolls-Royce care if I sell a single piece of unauthorised Rolls-Royce merchandise?

A: We have expended considerable resources to develop and maintain a reputation for providing the highest quality products and services to our customers.  Through the auction of counterfeit merchandise, people attempt to trade off of our well-earned reputation.  These auctions not only cause monetary damage, but may also damage our reputation, as many purchasers of inferior counterfeit products will attribute the poor quality merchandise to Rolls-Royce.

Having spent many years cultivating our strong reputation, we will take action to ensure that online auctions of counterfeit/infringing goods are ended, even by single-item sellers.

Q: I think that the item I offered is genuine. How can I tell if it is real?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot provide the public with detailed information on how to identify genuine Rolls-Royce clothing and accessories, as this information could also be used by counterfeiters to improve their bogus products.  However, we can tell you that genuine Rolls-Royce products are made of superior materials and are crafted with the best in workmanship.

If we ended your auction, we felt comfortable with our assessment that the item you were selling was not genuine.  We understand that in some cases you were not aware that you were selling counterfeit/infringing merchandise.  We also understand that you may have obtained this item from someone else who misled you.

Q: Can I list an item if I expressly say that it is NOT GENUINE?

A: NO!  A disclaimer regarding the authenticity of goods, such as "faux", "fake", "knockoff", "Rolls-Royce-like", "Rolls-Royce style", "cannot guarantee authenticity" and similar disclaimers, do not override laws prohibiting the sale of counterfeit/infringing merchandise.

Q: Why can't I describe my item as "the Rolls-Royce of" or a similar phrase?

A: The basic purpose of a trademark is to indicate to consumers that goods/services have been supplied under the control of the trademark owner.  If we allowed everyone to use the Rolls-Royce trademarks to advertise/brand their own goods or services, our trademarks would eventually fall into the public domain and our significant investment in building their reputation would be lost.

Q: Why can't I sell an item that I originally purchased on eBay?

A: We work diligently to ensure that all counterfeit/infringing merchandise is removed from eBay auctions.  However, some items may slip through the cracks and auctions carrying counterfeit/infringing items are completed.  This does not affect the fact that the sale of counterfeit/infringing goods is against the law.

Q: Why didn't Rolls-Royce contact me directly before reporting my auction to eBay?

A: eBay is responsible for the items posted on its auction site. Given the number of Rolls-Royce items posted on eBay, it would take a very large commitment of time and money for us to enter into discussions with each seller individually.  Not every seller will act diligently to remove their item and some sellers do not check their messages before the auction ends.  As a result, we have found it more effective for eBay to remove the listing at our request via the VeRO programme.

Q: Can I become a licensed manufacturer/supplier of Rolls-Royce merchandise?

A: There are a small number of licensees permitted to sell a limited range of Rolls-Royce branded giftware.  These licences were granted because they help to promote the current or past activities of Rolls-Royce plc or its licensees.  Branded giftware is not our primary company activity and we are not considering the grant of any further licences.