SEISCO International Limited, founded January, 2008 is the
owner of the SEISCO brands as of January 1, 2008.  All previously
manufactured products were made by Microtherm, Inc.  Microtherm, Inc. was
liquidated on 12/31/2007.


SEISCO International Limited is the trademark and patent
holder for the family of SEISCO products.




It is illegal to manufacture, import, offer for sale, sell,
advertise or distribute counterfeit or infringing SEISCO products.  These
activities are expressly prohibited and will result in your auctions and user
account being cancelled.


The SEISCO names, logos and images are trademarks belonging
to SEISCO.  The use of any of these trademarks without SEISCO’s permission
is trademark infringement.


The only way to ensure that your SEISCO items are genuine is
to purchase them from SEISCO or through an authorized distributor.





Q:  Why has my auction been removed?


A:  SEISCO is committed to the strict enforcement of
its trademarks and other intellectual property rights.  We have requested
the removal of your auction because SEISCO has a good faith belief that the
merchandise you were offering for sale is counterfeit or otherwise infringes
SEISCO’s trademarks and/or other intellectual property rights.  Please
note that the offer of genuine goods for sale in certain countries where they
are not authorized to be sold by the trademark owner constitutes trademark


Q:  How did SEISCO determine that my auction offered
for sale goods that were counterfeit or otherwise infringing?


A:  Due to the nature of eBay, this determination
was based upon the photographs (style, fabrics, labeling & packaging),
title of the auction and the description of the goods that you provided.


Q:  Why was I allowed to post my auction if it is


A:  eBay maintains that it cannot conduct a
comprehensive pre-screening process to account for such violations. 
Therefore, the ability to post such auctions of infringing merchandise DOES NOT
mean that the sale of such merchandise is legal.


Q:  Why was my auction removed while many other
auctions offering “SEISCO” items for sale remain?


A:  SEISCO cancels many infringing eBay auctions
worldwide and your auction was one of many cancelled during a routine
search.  However, due to the volume of items offered and the way eBay
works, it is impossible to cancel every infringing SEISCO auction.  Also
auctions offered for sale by authorized distributors under the terms of our
distribution agreement will always be allowed.


Q:  I believe that the item SEISCO reported is not
infringing.  How can I get my auction reinstated?


A:  If you believe that your auction was incorrectly
reported to eBay, please send an email to:  href=""> with the following

Your seller ID & auction number;

the exact title & description used in your auction;

clear pictures of the item that were posted in the auction
including all labeling and packaging.

If your item was incorrectly reported SEISCO will inform eBay
so you can reinstate your auction.


Q:  Why was I not informed directly by SEISCO before I
was reported to eBay?


A:  Due to the nature of eBay and volume of auctions
it is impractical for SEISCO to contact each seller regarding their
auction.  SEISCO uses the VeRO program as the most efficient method of
reaching its primary objective on eBay that is to decrease the volume of
infringing merchandise offered.


Q:  Can I use the word “SEISCO” in an auction heading
even if I am not selling a SEISCO item?


A:  No, this is a direct violation of eBay’s listing
policies.  SEISCO maintains a registered Trademark in the SEISCO name,
which prohibits the use of SEISCO in relation to goods that do not originate
from SEISCO.  It is both misleading and infringing to use the “SEISCO”
Trademark in an auction title or description because such use may attract
buyers who are searching for authentic SEISCO goods.


Q:  Can I post an auction that expressly states that
the Item is “NOT GENUINE SEISCO” or refer to it as “SEISCO-STYLE”, “SEISCO
INSPIRED” or any similar phrase?


A:  No, this is a direct violation of eBay’s listing
policies.  A disclaimer regarding the lack of authenticity of the goods,
such as “fake”, “faux”, “SEISCO-Style”, “SEISCO-like”, etc., is illegal under
laws that prohibit the sale of counterfeit/infringing merchandise.  These
products are a violation of SEISCO’s trademark rights and SEISCO will enforce
these rights with the same force as those that claim to be authentic.  It
is also a violation of eBay’s listing policies.


Q:  Why is SEISCO concerned with my sale of a single
piece of unauthorized SEISCO product?


A: SEISCO takes all matters of infringement seriously
regardless of the quantity of items listed for sale.  We cannot grant
exceptions to anyone simply because the infringement concerns only one or two


Q:  What if I was unaware that the merchandise I was
selling was not authentic SEISCO merchandise?


A:  The law maintains that it is YOUR responsibilities
to ensure that your activities do not in any way violate the intellectual
property rights of others.  Ignorance of the law or innocent intent is not
a defense to trademark violations.


Q:  Why was my auction removed when I have not made any
reference to “SEISCO” in my title or description?


A:  SEISCO holds both the trademark AND the patent
for the SEISCO design.  Listing a fake SEISCO product by any name other
than “SEISCO” does not change the fraudulent nature of the item.


Q:  If I promise not to sell counterfeit/infringing
SEISCO products again, will you have Ebay reinstate my account?


A:  We have no control or influence over Ebay’s
policies and cannot assist eBay users who have had their user accounts
suspended or cancelled.  The reinstatement of accounts is entirely at
eBay’s discretion.


Q: What is SEISCO’s warranty policy regarding products sold
on eBay?


A: The SEISCO Limited Warranty covers only the original
purchaser of the product acquired through authorized distributors.  If you
have a question whether the SEISCO Limited Warranty covers a particular product
offered for sale, contact us at
with the name of the seller and the serial number of the unit in question.


You should contact eBay directly should you have any queries
relating to eBay’s VeRO policy.