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Sew Terific Designs is the storefront for machine embroidery designs and projects created and owned by Teri Sullivan, Professional Embroidery Digitizer since 1996. Embroidery designs are offered for sale or free download from this site as well as the following: Stitchery Mall, Stitch Garden, Sew Terific News, and Embroidery Billboard. All embroidery designs digitized by Teri Sullivan, DBA Sew Terific Designs, as well as any resulting graphics, are protected under Federal Copyright Law & International Treaties.


Copyright Stipulation for Sew Terific Designs

Designs by Sew Terific Designs, the data used to generate them, and any other page content on, are copyrighted 1996-2014, both as a visual art and the text that makes up the computer data. I, Teri Sullivan, retain ownership of them. You, as the ORIGINAL purchaser or downloader, have the right to use the designs for embroidery on fabric or other material for personal use and limited resale on embroidered items. The designs and the data may NOT be duplicated, rebundled, altered (except for customizing with lettering ), given away, loaned, resold, or shared in any form. You may NOT give designs away as a gift or in exchange for other products or services. Designs are licensed to the ORIGINAL purchaser only. NO other permission is written or implied. Your purchase of designs or download of sample designs signifies your agreement to these terms.

In regards to Ebay and other auctions, NO permission is granted to any seller, other than "sewterific", to offer for sale, whether on disk or by email, any designs created by Teri Sullivan DBA Sew Terific Designs, whether for sale or free download. If you, as a buyer, have a question or concern about an auction for designs, please email . All copyright infringements are taken very seriously and every effort is made to ensure compliance with the law.

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