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We are sole publishers of the acclaimed Sheridan Douglas Tarot deck, which is copyright � 2006 Jo Sheridan in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. The accompanying instruction leaflet is copyright � 2006 by Alfred Douglas in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Warning: listings have recently appeared on eBay offering the new 2006 Sheridan Douglas Tarot for sale at low prices. These decks were part of a sub-standard consignment returned to a printer for destruction, but subsequently stolen. The police have been informed, and an investigation is under way. The stolen decks are easily identified. On each side of the box the wording reads '78 Tarot Cards in Full Colour'. If you are offered a suspicious deck, please report it to the police, your local Trading Standards Office, or ourselves via our website. These cards are printed on inferior board (they are curved, not flat); may have physical defects such as ink smudges, scratches and indentations caused by printing machinery, and flaking edges caused by an insufficiently sharp cutter; and have inaccurate colours. Finally - one card, the Seven of Coins, displays eight gold coins where there should only be seven. This error was corrected in time for the legitimate print-run by Carta Mundi.

These faulty Tarot decks were not authorised for sale by the intellectual property rights owner, and therefore infringe the IP Owner's rights according to English law.

The legitimate decks have the words 'Sheridan Douglas' on the sides of the box, and have been printed to a very high standard by the premium playing card manufacturer, Carta Mundi. Legitimate decks published by us and meeting our high standards, and first edition Sheridan Douglas Tarots, published in the 1970s, are of course not affected by this and may be bought and sold on eBay.

'The Tarot' by Alfred Douglas

Alfred Douglas is the author of the classic book, 'The Tarot: the Origins, Meaning and Uses of the Cards', which has been republished in 2007 by Sheridan Douglas Press. For more information about our publications, visit our website at:

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