The companies of Shimano, Inc., Shimano American, Shimano Canada and other worldwide Shimano offices (“Shimano”) are a leading manufacturer of bicycle components, snowboard equipment, golf equipment and fishing tackle.   Shimano owns valuable intellectual property rights such as trademarks and copyright rights and reserves the right to protect these rights to the full extent of applicable laws.

Shimano will protect these valuable assets by objecting to unauthorized uses of its copy written material and pending and registered trademarks.

The following are reasons why your auction may have been ended at Shimano’s request:

  1. Theft of Images or Logos

eBay members may not use Shimano’s registered trademarks (logos, slogans, names)

  1. Theft of text that is protected under Copyright Laws

eBay members may not use text from  Shimano’s printed or electronic materials (such as our website) that is Copyright protected.

  1.  Invalid Warranty Claims

eBay members may not make invalid claims concerning Shimano’s product warranty.   For your reference, links to the US and Canadian warranties are reprinted below.  Please note that the warranty may not be honored if:

  • You are not the original retail purchaser, or
  • You have not purchased from an authorized Shimano retailer, or
  • Other reasons as outlined in the official warranty policies (links below)