Sigma Cum Laude™ Intellectual and Property Rights



Sigma Cum Laude™ , designs and manufactures mount and lens solutions for digital cameras and is the only entity authorized to manufacture and sell its products . Our website is and we sell our products on eBay® under eBay® Seller's identity of sigmacumlaude™.



Sigma Cum Laude™ provides this information as a resource to assist eBay® users in preparing auctions that do not infringe or improperly use trademarks or copyrights whether or not the auction advertises as genuine Sigma Cum Laude™ products.

  Sigma Cum Laude™ works diligently to protect its reputation and has a responsibility to strictly monitor and enforce the use of its intellectual properties.  You have the responsibility to ensure that your actions do not violate the intellectual property rights of others. As a general matter, sellers on eBay® are responsible for ensuring that items are legitimate and authorized. In addition, Sigma Cum Laude™ is the owner of the copyrights in all pictures, text and graphics it places on eBay® listings, as well as at the Sigma Cum Laude™ website.

We have been the first to create unique Mount Replacement kits for the Sigma DSLR cameras , and , therefore , we do not sell them , or ship them , to Asia , China , Russia or Japan where Intellectual Property protection is poorly enforced or not enforceable. Any attempt to circumvent our Sales and Shipping Policies, by using proxy buyers, based on the US or Europe, or in any of the accepted countries , to acquire our products with the intention of importing them to those excluded countries ,will lead to a cancellation of the transaction.

We do , however , offer Converted Sigma DSLR Cameras Worldwide , as long as the Buyer's PayPal account qualifies for full Seller Protection.