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Tomas (Smoothtom) is a member of the eBay VeRO Program and is providing this page to educate eBay users about the legal implications of using his images on-line in eBay sales...


I have several thousand pictures on the Web, many of them at my Flickr pages. Those images are all Creative Commons licensed, and may not be used for commercial purposes (that includes eBay sales) without explicit written permission, even if modified.

Using my images to enhance the look of an eBay sale or to provide an alleged example of a product for sale is unlawful without written permission.

Posting unauthorized originals or duplicates of my photographs, video, audio, printed materials or other of my intellectual property in association with a sale on eBay infringes my copyrights and I will notify eBay to cancel such sales immediately.

For more information about acceptable uses of my copyrighted intellectual property, please see this Creative Commons page which applies to all of my original images.

Quick FAQ

Why was my auction suspended?

Your auction was most likely removed from eBay because it used an image based on one of my copyrighted images without license or written permission to do so.

I found the image on the internet can't I just use it.

No. Publishing an image on the internet does NOT make the image, or it's derivatives, "public domain" and the holder of the original rights to the image still holds those rights. If you do not have permission to use the image either by license or other written permission, using the image is unlawful.

None of my copyrighted images, or their derivitives, are usable for any commercial purpose without specific written permission from me.


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