Plastic bag on fake box versus shrink wrap on real box.
Incorrect product – note the chrome accents typical of the SYNC by 50 not STREET by 50



SMS Audio, LLC

SMS Audio, a premier audio headphone and accessories brand, is dedicated to improving the way people experience music. SMS Audio combines technology, function and style to bring the highest caliber of sound, comfort and fashion to every product.

SMS Audio was founded and led by renowned musician, entertainer and businessman Curtis J. Jackson, III, aka “50 Cent”.

SMS Audio is the owner of various trademarks including the stylized “S” logo, “SMS AUDIO”, ”SYNC by 50” and “STREET by 50” in the United States and many other countries.




Notice to eBay sellers and buyers regarding genuine SMS Audio products

SMS Audio does NOT sell its products on eBay nor do any of its authorized retailers.  A list of SMS Audio authorized retailers can be found at


Please be aware, a COUNTERFEIT or FAKE product will NOT be warrantied by SMS Audio.

Any purchase, on eBay, of an SMS Audio branded product will not be covered by our SMS Audio one year limited warranty and which consumers can receive from an authorized dealer.


Notice to eBay sellers and buyers regarding SMS Audio Intellectual Property

SMS Audio is the owner of the aforementioned trademarks as well as the copyrights in all pictures, copy text and graphics on the SMS Audio website SMS Audio is aware that unauthorized sellers on eBay unlawfully copy some or all of such protected materials from the SMS Audio website to endorse and assist the sale of their listed SMS Audio branded products. SMS Audio regularly monitors the Internet, including auction site, in order to protect its rights. SMS Audio will notify eBay of auction listings containing unauthorized use of SMS Audio intellectual property. eBay will take the necessary action to comply with its user policies which include removing the auction from the website. If you have any concern about whether a particular seller is an authorized SMS Audio dealer please contact us through our website



Don't be fooled by these imitation sellers who are selling counterfeit or FAKE products. Although these products may look like SMS Audio, they certainly are not and do not perform as well as a SMS Audio product, and in many cases do not perform at all! Although we try, we can't get rid of the companies making fake product quick enough on our own and therefore we need your help. First, if you believe a website is selling fake product, please email and provide as much information as you can so we can attempt to shut them down. Second, purchase all of your SMS Audio products from one of our authorized retailers.

Before purchasing what you believe to be a genuine SMS Audio product, make sure that you are not being fooled by someone selling counterfeit product.  Keep in mind that FAKE or counterfeit SMS Audio are not covered under our warranty.  Along with not being covered under warranty, FAKE and counterfeit products are significantly inferior in quality.  If you have any questions about a seller, please email us at and request that we take a look at the site to verify if the product is genuine. The only way you can be certain that you are buying genuine SMS Audio products is to buy from SMS Audio ( or from one of its authorized retailers found at


Protect yourself – follow these guidelines to avoid buying FAKE products:

  •  If the price is too good to be true, it probably is counterfeit.
  •  If someone is offering lower pricing for a bulk purchase, this retailer is not an authorized SMS Audio retailer, and may be selling FAKE product.
  • Confirm that the product you are purchasing is in the original shrink wrap that we use to seal all of our SMS Audio products.  Keep in mind that deal sites and other sites that sell counterfeit product will often times sell the product without all of the accessories, manuals and other documentation. (VIEW IMAGE ON TOP RIGHT)
  • Look out for the customized SMS Audio Authentication Label on all SMS Audio products priced from $99.00 (MSRP) and above. This pressure sensitive holographic label incorporates five innovative optical imaging technologies including unique number serialization, concealed image visualization on tilt and covert embedded information, amongst other confidential features.
  • Be aware of incorrect products being displayed on the packaging. Deal sites and other sites that sell counterfeit product will often times display the incorrect product on the front, side or back of the box. (VIEW IMAGE ON TOP RIGHT)

SMS AUDIO, SYNC BY 50, STREET BY 50 and other names and logos used for SMS Audio or its products or services are SMS Audio’s trademarks in the United States and other countries. SMS Audio’s trademarks may not be used without SMS Audio’s prior written permission, including, without limitation, for or in connection with any product or service or in any manner that could cause potential confusion among customers or that disparages SMS Audio or its products or services. Trademarks and trade names on the Site that are not owned by SMS Audio are the property of third parties, who may or may not be affiliated with SMS Audio.

The textual, photographic, video and other multimedia products published and produced by SMS Audio or its licensees on or elsewhere are protected under U.S. and international copyright laws. Anyone who, without SMS Audio authorization, produces, copies, distributes, or displays SMS Audio copyrighted materials is liable for copyright infringement.