Spyder Active Sports, Inc.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Spyder Active Sports, Inc. designs and markets some of the most recognized and respected brands of high-performance, technically-oriented skiwear and outerwear in the world. Spyder products are renowned for their integration of high-technology fabrication, sport-specific function, and fashion conscious designs. Spyder takes great pride in the innovation, quality, and workmanship of its products, all of which are symbolized by its trademarks.

When Spyder received complaints from eBay users who mistakenly purchased counterfeit Spyder goods on eBay, it became a member of eBay VeRO program. As an eBay VeRO program member, Spyder regularly monitors eBay auctions and takes steps to ensure that counterfeit products or other unauthorized uses of Spyder intellectual property are removed from eBay. However, Spyder cannot guarantee the authenticity of products sold on eBay, and we recommend that you purchase our products only from authorized dealers. You can find an authorized dealer in your area by visiting the etailerssection of our website, located at ww.spyder.com.

Due to the large volume of Spyder products sold on auction web sites, both authentic and counterfeit, we cannot verify whether individual products bought on these sites are genuine. We recommend only buying Spyder through authorized Spyder retailers, found at http://www.spyder.com/dealers/local.

Our performance sports clothing is created with the highest standards of materials, fabrics, and quality control. If you see a deal on eBay for new SPYDER merchandise that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Counterfeit items are inexpensive, because they are made from cheap materials using cheap manufacturing processes. As a result, counterfeit products cannot even come close to the comfort and performance of genuine Spyder products.

If you are accessing this page because your auctions of SPYDER-branded merchandise have been terminated, it is because the items you were selling appear to be counterfeits, or your auction is otherwise misusing or infringing Spyder intellectual property rights. As a seller, you have a responsibility to ensure that the goods you sell are authentic and that your auctions do not mislead consumers or violate the rights of intellectual property owners like Spyder.

Not only does counterfeiting and infringing harm consumers who mistakenly purchase inferior products, it also harms Spyder. Consumers who purchase counterfeits may never learn of their mistake, and based on a single bad experience with a counterfeit product, they may never purchase from Spyder again. Even worse, they may tell friends and colleagues that the quality of Spyder products has deteriorated. Spyder worldwide reputation for quality and innovation was earned through years of hard work and substantial investments of resources. Because our hard-earned reputation is critical to our success, we will not allow it to be tarnished by counterfeiters and infringers.

We welcome information about the sale of counterfeit SPYDER merchandise, and we keep the identity of informants strictly confidential. To report suspected counterfeiting, please email us at brandprotection@spyder.com.


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