Stussy, Inc.

Stussy, Inc., is the owner of the STUSSY trademark throughout the world. Stussy actively watches the use of its trademarks. Accordingly, Stussy suggests that both sellers and buyers on eBay be extremely careful about the STUSSY products they sell and buy.

Counterfeits. Please do not sell counterfeit "Stussy" items. Unless you know that the products were purchased from an authorized retail store, you are taking a risk that the products are counterfeit. At the present time, there are many counterfeit "Stussy" t-shirts and toys being offered in Hong Kong and China. Stussy has never sold Mexican hooded sweatshirts or ponchos so they are all counterfeit.

Key-Word Spamming. "Key-word spamming" is the use of a brand name for the purpose getting an auction to come up in a search for another brand. Accordingly, do not use STUSSY in the title of an auction unless the product is a genuine STUSSY product. Use of "not STUSSY" or "X STUSSY" is not allowed. Nor is use the STUSSY trademark if there is only some tangential connection to Stussy.

Violations. It is Stussy's policy to cancel any offending auction. If the auction is for counterfeit items, at minimum Stussy will insist that you 1) turn over the counterfeit and all similar items; 2) provide full disclosure about the source; and 3) agree never to list infringements or counterfeits again.

Contact. Information about counterfeits or infringements may be sent to Stussy:

Stussy, Inc., Attn: Trademarks

17426 Daimler Street, Irvine, CA 92614, USA

(949) 752-5344, Fax: (949) 752-5439, SOMMER@STUSSY.COM