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Welcome to the World of Collecting Annalee Dolls

To see a sampling of my collection of over 15,000 Annalee dolls dating back to the 50's, some of which I have for sale, please visit my website below.


How I Built My Annalee Collection. Since 1988 I have amassed a collection numbering in the thousands. The ages of the dolls covers the spectrum, from Annalee�s earliest creations in the late 1930�s, to present day. It all began back in the early seventies. My Mom would purchase one or two Annalee Dolls every year for the Christmas season. The dolls were an integral part of our family�s decorations. I would traditionally purchase Annalee Dolls as gifts for my mom each year, and one year, I found myself with some �extra� dolls that didn�t make it into my mom�s possession. These would become the seed dolls, if you will, for what would become a massive collection. I like to say that collectors are a rare breed. After all, long hours are spent scouring flea markets, tag sales, antique shops and dolls shows, all in pursuit of an Annalee Doll that may or may not surface at any such event. Emotions run the gamut in these pursuits, from elation over a �find� to disappointment over the one that �got away�. My daughter Calli, at age fourteen is already quite adept at identifying Annalee Dolls. She helps me decorate for the holidays and can name practically every doll in our collection. No small task for a collection as extensive as mine!!! When you own Annalee Dolls from every era, which then, is my favorite? I would have to say it is the snow Ski Dolls. I use them in an elaborate diorama that includes a ski slope, ski lift, pond and lodge. The whole scene measures 12 feet by 5 feet, with the slope rising 4 feet above.(to see pictures, visit my website) On December 28, 1995 I had the opportunity of a lifetime when I was showcased on a cable television show called �Personal FX: The Collectibles Show.� Based in New York, the show was broadcast from our home. It took five days for me to set up for this big event, and I covered everything from what Annalee Dolls are to how to date an Annalee Doll. Accompanying me on the program, hosted by Jillian Hamilton, was my husband, John and daughter Calli. The opportunity provided me with the chance to reflect on all the hard work that I have put into becoming a �master� Annalee Doll Collector. In 2000 I had the honor of having my first Annalee Exclusive. To date, there are over TWENTY FIVE Sue Coffee Annalee Exclusives. They range from Patriotic, Christmas, Nativity, to Everyday. I hope you have as much fun decorating with my Exclusives as I have had in designing them...Enjoy! To view pictures of my Sue Coffee Annalee Exclusives along with some of my display ideas,visit my I offer a Locator Service...if I do not have it, I will be happy to find it for you. Happy Collecting!! PLEASE READ................... Sue Coffee is a member of eBay�s VeRO program. Sue Coffee strictly enforces its intellectual property rights, including but not limited to its trademarks and copyrights. Sue Coffee has the exclusive right to use its intellectual property, and any use without the express written permission of Sue Coffee is subject to prosecution for infringement. Sue Coffee does not permit or authorize the use or sale of any of its intellectual property or other proprietary material on eBay, ESPECIALLY images. Sue Coffee regularly monitors the Internet, including auction sites, in order to protect its intellectual property rights. Unauthorized uses of Sue Coffee's intellectual property or other proprietary material in connection with the sale or offering for sale of any item(s) on eBay will result in our notification to eBay of such use and the removal of the auction.

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