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The Sunrider Corporation d.b.a Sunrider International ("Sunrider") is a member of eBay’s Verified Rights Owner ("VeRO") program. Founded in 1982, Sunrider is a premier provider of a wide variety of products in the health and wellness, beauty, nutrition, and related fields, including cosmetics and skin care products, personal hygiene products, vitamins and nutritional supplements, foods and beverages, and cleaning preparations for household use. Some of our many brands include Calli®, Fortune Delight®, Kandesn®, Oi-Lin®, SunBreeze®, SunBright®, Sunergy®, SunFit®, SunSmile®, SunSport®, and Vitalite®.

Sunrider strictly enforces its intellectual property rights, including its trademarks, service marks, and copyrights against unauthorized users. The images, photographs, and text appearing on Sunrider's website, catalogs, and other promotional materials are protected by copyright in the United States and abroad, and may not be used without the prior written permission of Sunrider. Any use of the Sunrider trademarks or service marks, which are protected under the trademark laws of the United States and abroad, without the prior written permission of Sunrider, constitutes trademark infringement. Sunrider does not permit or authorize the use of any of its intellectual property on eBay.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who are you?


A: This is the official VeRO participant profile of The Sunrider Corporation d.b.a Sunrider International. If you would like additional information regarding our products, please visit the Sunrider Corporate Website or the Sunrider I-Store, email us at, or call us at 310-781-8096. For information regarding this profile please email us at

Q: Why was my auction removed?


A: If your auction was removed in response to a request from Sunrider, your auction included items which infringed one or more intellectual property rights of Sunrider.

Q: Why did Sunrider not contact me directly before reporting my auction to eBay?


A: Sunrider must act quickly and diligently to enforce its intellectual property rights, and thus it is impractical for Sunrider to contact sellers individually.

Q: What if I did not realize I was violating the law or infringing Sunrider's intellectual property rights?


A: Innocent intent or ignorance on the part of the seller does not constitute a legitimate defense under United States or international intellectual property laws.  It is the responsibility of sellers to ensure that the actions they undertake are not in violation of established laws.  Prior to auctioning an item on eBay, you must take affirmative steps to ensure that the item you are selling is authorized for resale by the copyright or trademark owner.

Q: Can I re-post an auction once it has been removed?


A: If you re-post an item that has been removed, you may be viewed as willfully breaking the law, which may subject you to civil and possibly criminal liability for your continued infringement. Civil penalties may include statutory damages and recovery of attorneys' fees.

Q: Can I use Sunrider's trademarks, pictures, images or words to improve my listing?


A: No. The use of trademarks, logos, trade names, artwork or copyrighted materials of Sunrider may wrongly imply that your listing is authorized, sponsored or approved by Sunrider, and such use may dilute the value of those intellectual property rights, or may violate state, federal and international laws.  The use of trademarks as keywords to drive traffic to your listing may violate trademark laws as well.

Sunrider®, Calli®, Fortune Delight®, Kandesn®, Oi-Lin®, SunBreeze®, SunBright®, Sunergy®, SunFit®, SunSmile®, SunSport®, and Vitalite® are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of The Sunrider Corporation, d.b.a. Sunrider International, in the United States and abroad.

Q: Where can I buy Sunrider® products?


A: Sunrider® products are available for purchase directly from Sunrider's Online I-Store. You can also call 310-781-8096 or email, and we can assist you with locating a Sunrider Independent Business Owner in your area.

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