Hugs Not Drugs®

Re: Federal Trademark Infringement of HUGS NOT DRUGS®   U.S. Trademark
Registration No. 2,059,198

The popular slogan, Hugs Not Drugs®, is a registered, federal trademark. Ruth S. Harris, Founder and Executive Director of Family Life International, Inc., a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, is the owner of the above-identified incontestable federal trademark registration for HUGS NOT DRUGS®.  Ms. Harris and Family Life International, Inc., licensed to use and sublicense the trademark among other licensees, have used the HUGS NOT DRUGS® mark since at least as early as 1985 and have spent a great deal of time and money in the last two decades developing recognition and goodwill associated with the trademark.

Use of the trademark may be arranged by contract only.  Use of the trademark for any purpose without a contract is a federal trademark infringement and subject to all remedies as allowed by federal trademark law.

If you are interested in creating a contract for use of this trademark, please contact us at the following email:  You may also call:  561-585-7771 or FAX 561-585-9411.

Please note:  Those using the trademarked name on Ebay without a contract, as described above, are subject to legal action in addition to removal from Ebay by Ebay.

For more information about the trademark, please see the link below.   

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