The Tactical Beard Owners Club (or TBOC for short) was founded in August 2011 and is the worldwide largest network of “Tactical Beard Owners”. TBOC assembles hobby/sport/competition shooters, armorers, firearms and tactical gear industry workers, instructors, private or government contractors, law enforcement officers, regular armed forces or veteran military personnel and up to Tier1 soldiers from international special forces units with well known names. TBOC is a very wide ranged social club that has members from every part of the military, law enforcement and tactical industry that one can think of. TBOC sees itself as a brotherhood and network that uses online platforms like TBOC Stronghold forum and Facebook to let members make friendship with other members online and in real life. In tough professions and jobs, members receive that extra support and backup they need – especially those doing service for their countries.

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TBOC has many designs; below you will see some exemplary logos

There are many counterfeit TBOC merchandise products on eBay right now. They include replica PVC patches, that imitate TBOC’s original club patches, as well as stolen pictures or products that are listed with TBOC’s name, but have no actual relatedness to the club.

If you find any counterfeit material imitating TBOC, please contact us and send the link to the counterfeit product: copyrights@tacticalbeardownersclub.com

More info about TBOC on our official website: www.tacticalbeardownersclub.com