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Tommy Hilfiger and its licensees design, manufacture and market classic American sportswear for men, women, children and toddlers, as well as eyewear, footwear, outerwear, leather products, jewellery, watches and fragrances, all bearing the renowned TOMMY HILFIGER name, trademarks and logos.


The company works diligently to preserve the integrity of its brand. We are committed to combating any infringement of our intellectual property rights. That is why we delete any fake product from the eBay site that we come across. Not only to preserve the brand integrity but also to protect the interest of the consumer who expects certain quality and service standards to come with a Tommy Hilfiger product.

Any items that we have removed from eBay, must therefore have been obtained at an unauthotized point of sales, perhaps even on the internet. Beware that buying (branded) goods from the internet and especially from an auction site is always a risk: sellers can be anyone and it is hard to properly check the quality and origin beforehand. Also return-procedures are not in place and getting your money back is hardly ever possible.

We count on you to understand the measures taken to protect the quality of the TOMMY HILFIGERbrand.  For more info please visit www.tommy.com







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