Three Dogs & A Cat, Inc.

Three Dogs & A Cat presently owns the rights to the
constructions of several pet toys which are the subject of several issued and pending patents. Our U.S. Patent Nos. 6,415,740 and 6,615,766 and EU Patent # 1181863 can be viewed at the US and European Patent websites, respectively.

More specifically, our patents cover non-spherical, tennis ball style constructed dog toys. (Example: a bone shaped toy made of tennis ball material, with or without a rope through it. Example: a football shaped toy made of tennis ball material, with or without a rope through the toy). Our patents protect any shape other than round.

Our company also owns the patent rights to a specific paw shaped Christmas stocking, patent # D,394,229. This patent may be viewed at the US Patent Office's web site.

If you have an item(s) you'd like to list and are not sure if it violates our patent(s), please send a picture of the item(s), along with full description (size, material constructed of, manufacturer information and UPC Number/Bar Code, to:, and in the subject line please reference "eBay Product Listing Question".

Our toys may be viewed at the Kong Company's website, Once there, enter the site, click on Products, Dogs, Tennis Toys, then either "Air Kong" or "Air Kong with rope".


Three Dogs & A Cat, Inc. makes every effort to protect its Intellectual Property (IP) assets, including, but not limited to, Patents, Trade Names, Trademarks, Copyrights, Logos and Designs. Three Dogs & A Cat, Inc. does not allow the use of its IP such as trade (company) name, trademarks (brand names), logos or designs without first receiving written permission from us. The use of Three Dogs & A Cat, Air Dog, or any other IP owned by Three Dogs & A Cat in conjunction with any item that is not manufactured by Three Dogs & A Cat, Inc. is misleading and an infringement of our IP rights. Three Dogs & A Cat's printed material (web site, brochures, packaging, etcetera) is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without express written permission from Three Dogs & A Cat, Inc. Three Dogs & A Cat, Inc.'s IP is protected under U.S and International law, and anyone using any of our IP without receiving permission may be liable under Patent, Trademark, or Copyright law.
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