Tiger Tom Pistone

Tiger Tom Pistone is the exclusive owner of numerous valuable trademark rights and copyrights that are used in association with any and all Products with his name or Picture or Copy of Pictures. Any unlicensed use of any of these marks are a violation of our exclusive rights and may cause confusion among customers as to the source of the goods. We have had many email concerns asking us if the signature is actually from Tiger Tom Pistone on his Hero Cards and due to the mass amounts of emails we sadly cannot answer them all. Mr. Pistone Fans are very important to him, because of this we take infringement seriously, we are monitoring and diligently protecting our intellectual property. You may not copy or sale these Postcards/Photos without our written consent. You may not use or copy our intellectual property (including our logos, trademarks and copyrighted material including Postcards, Photos) without our written consent. Any use of our intellectual property without our written consent is a violation of VERO. If you have any questions regarding our intellectual property policies, or if you would like to report a situation which you believe should be brought to our attention, please contact us at pistonetigertom@gmail.com.

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