Terry Owens and Total Family Ministries

My wife and I are a part of a great ministry called Total Family Ministries. We currently have television spots that air in 170 countries and a 60 min DVD of our program.

I have discovered that there has been pirated copies of my DVD for sale on Ebay. The incident referenced pertained to and individual who was selling an unauthorized copy or possibly was making copies of my DVD to sell on Ebay They were not selling the original DVD that was obtained by me. The material contained in the 60 min DVD is our intellectual property and we have not given anyone permission to copy or redistribute the DVD. In no case are the DVD's intended for sale and are not to be sold as an individual DVD or part of a set. Anyone making copies of this DVD or any of my material is stealing our intellectual property and is pirating the DVD.

You can learn more about our ministry at http://www.totalfamily.net

Thank you,

Terry Owens

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