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The Top Secret Recipes phenomenon started back in 1990 when Todd Wilbur set out to make a Mrs. Fields cookie that tasted just like the real thing. You see, there were many recipes floating around, but none of them produced a clone even close to the original. Twenty five batches of those cookies ended up in the trash - but finally Todd got it!

One successful clone led to another, and another, and another...... Ten years and five books later, Todd is known as the "super sleuth" of the cloning world. He has uncovered the secrets to making such favorites as the Resee's Peanut Butter Cup, Outback Steakhouse Bloomin'Onion; KFC cole slaw, and many, many more!

In 1996 the Internet was just getting off the ground, and Todd was in the fore-front. By providing a free, original recipe clone each week, and a place for users to swap recipes, "Top Secret Recipes on the Web" has since become the second most popular recipe site on the web! Come check us out at

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Todd prides himself on creating kitchen clones that REALLY do taste like the real thing. He has devoted his time and effort into his books and his web-site. All of his material is protected by copyright laws. If you notice anyone attempting to copy and sell Todd's recipe clones. Please write to
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