To protect ebay users, our customers, and retailers, Tori Richard, Ltd. carefully monitors eBay and the Internet for violations of our trademarks and copyrights. We wish to ensure that customers will receive only legitimate and authentic Tori Richard, Ltd. products.  We also monitor Ebay for the illegal use of our copyrighted images and materials in auctions. If you received an email about your auction, or your auction was removed by the Ebay VeRO (Verified Rights Owners) program, your auction violated one of the following most common trademark or copyright infringements: 

(1) Item is not a Tori Richard, Ltd. product but has the Tori Richard, Ltd. trademark in the description and/or title of the auction. 

(2) Item is a counterfeit or product bearing Tori Richard, Ltd. trademarks or copyrights. 

(3.) Individuals may of course sell legitimate and authentic Tori Richard products on ebay provided the seller does not represent itself as a Tori Richard-approved dealer of our products. 

If you have questions about whether an Ebay Seller is an authorized dealer of Tori Richard, Ltd. products, please contact Tori Richard, Ltd. directly.

Tori Richard, Ltd. does not offer guarantees on the performance of Ebay Sellers authorized or unauthorized. Please check with each seller on their policies and procedures. We reserve the right to ask Ebay to cancel auctions for violations not listed above.

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