Total Gym Fitness, LLC is a world-renowned supplier of the highly successful and widely recognized TOTAL GYM exerciser. Total Gym Fitness, LLC has spent a significant amount of time in developing the TOTAL GYM product line and has obtained intellectual property rights covering the TOTAL GYM in the United States and worldwide. Total Gym Fitness, LLC is a member of the eBay VeRO Program and will monitor eBay auctions to protect these rights, including copyright and trademark violations.

TOTAL GYM exercisers are available to consumers for home use.  To ensure you are buying a genuine TOTAL GYM product (or parts and accessories), these should be purchased directly on eBay from total_gym_outlet, through our website, or from authorized Internet sites and online affiliates, retail stores, and/or home shopping channels.

TOTAL GYM exercise machines to be used for commercial fitness or physical therapy are also available from or other selected authorized online suppliers.



There are many Total Gym units for auction on eBay.  Private individuals or others who are not associated with or authorized by Total Gym Fitness, LLC may list these items. Therefore, we CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE AUTHENTICITY OR QUALITY OF THESE PRODUCTS.  We are committed to the safety and quality of our products but are not able to control these important factors when our products are sold through an unauthorized source.

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