Representing the Sports, Entertainment & Designer Community

 Such Familiar and Prestigious names as MLB Major league Baseball,NFL National Football League,.NHL, WSOP & BABY PHAT  To Name a Few are Represented in many secondary Markets Globally at USFA.....  




Our Goal is to solicit and protect the integrity of these Trademarks including Retro Versions and Brands through representation and pre-qualification of interested parties.  AS a protector of the various intellectual property Feel free to contact us and report potential violations of internet sellers via email USFA   Please be advised that Prior to purchasing for re-sale always inspect apparel for internal concealed  labeling which indicates licensed products.              Ebay Sellers and Buyers, When or if disputing a products authenticity always include a photo that details the product and label in one single photo and email to USFA 

Our Position is to protect while not inhibiting the enjoyment of  enthusiasts and prospering parties of e-commerce sales , In an effort to achieve this we may elect to contact a seller via email prior to executing additional course of actions which is not limited to the removal of the illicit goods. When an advised email suggests that a seller remove a product(s)  seller shall find him or herself in a much more desirable position than if notice is disregarded .