Ultramax eBAY Policy

Due to the nature of eBay, the Company can under no circumstances allow products to be sold on eBay if the following conditions are not met:

  • That you've bought your products directly from Ultramax Products at BathmateDirect.com
  • That you can show evidence of, that the stock you currently hold is bought from Ultramax Products directly.
  • These policies are in place to protect the public for these and numerous other reasons:
  1. To prevent Sexually or Communal infections to be spread through the use of the product in second hand retailing.
    1. eBay policy as well as ours dictates that used sex toys are now allowed to be sold under on this auction platform.
  2. To prevent eBay buyers from being subject to buying Counterfeit of the Bathmate that violates our Patent Rights, our Copyright and other Intellectual Property Rights.
    1. United States Patent 7651463
    2. European Union Patent EP1799162
    3. United Kingdom Patent PCT/GB2005/003416
    4. European Community Design Registration 556972
    5. Patent pending in Australia and Canada
    6. Design registration pending in Japan, Korea and China
    7. Bathmate is trademarked in the United States, European Union, Sweden, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland and in other countries and territores.
  3. To prevent eBay buyers from being subject to fraud from unrepeatable sellers.
    1. Fraud may include selling of counterfeit products, damaged or otherwise rejected stock that should be returned to the manufacturer.
  4. To ensure that each and every Bathmate user gets 100% value for his money, including world class customer support and after sale support.

What do I do if I get a VeRO notice?

  1. Send to Ultramax your original purchase receipt
  2. Write a signed affidavit, that you confirm that your stock originates directly from Ultramax. Please note that there may be adverse legal consequences in your country if you make a false or bad faith statements submitted to Ultramax. For address information email vero@bathmate.eu
  3. Send us a sample of your current stock for verification of authenticity.

NOTE: All three steps must be taken for us to reinstate your listing.