Umbro International Limited is a member of eBay’s VeRO Programme and we constantly monitor eBay for products that may infringe our trade marks. 

Whilst we appreciate people may offer listings not knowing the products they are selling are counterfeit, Umbro need to be consistent with every seller.

Umbro sells only to authorised dealers. We can not guarantee the authenticity of any Umbro item sold on eBay.  The only way to ensure that an Umbro product is genuine is to buy direct from any of our authorised dealers or official club stores (see links below). 

We take every care possible to close only those auctions we believe that infringe our intellectual property rights and that of our partners. Our logos and images also cannot be copied or be reproduced for commercial purposes in any way. This means that you cannot use them to promote the sale of your items on eBay whether you are selling genuine items or not.  

We welcome any information regarding the sale of counterfeit Umbro merchandise.

 Umbro are part of  Iconix Brand Group Inc