USDA Forest Service insignia:


The USDA Forest Service insignia is reserved for the official use of the Forest Service, as the agency’s primary identification symbol. The Forest Service insignia is a Federally protected image and is not public domain, but can be used commercially, through the issuance of a license.

The purpose of this page is to advise eBay users of the governance protecting the Forest Service insignia, as well as how one can commercially manufacture and sell items containing the insignia.


What protects the use of the USDA Forest Service insignia?

The insignia is protected by 36 CFR 264 and 18 U.S.C. 701.


What is a commercial license?

A commercial license is an agreement between the Forest Service and a company or individual, to manufacture, advertise, and sell items containing the agency insignia. Under the terms of the license, the license shall be nonexclusive and licensees may not grant sublicenses, or transfer or reassign licenses to another person or company in connection with the manufacture and/or sale of an item, unless and except as approved in writing by the Chief of the Forest Service. Also, all items and advertising material associated with that item must be reviewed and approved before an item is seen or sold to the general public.


What is commercial use of the insignia?

Manufacturing an item for sale that includes the Forest Service insignia.


Who can sell items that include the Forest Service insignia?

A licensee of the insignia program as well as an individual who is selling personal property, e.g., selling an item that was acquired from a licensed vendor.


How can I apply for a commercial license?

To apply for a commercial license or if you have any questions about the Forest Service insignia licensing process, please contact Dominic Cumberland at


Why was my auction ended?

The USDA Forest Service insignia is a protected image.  This agency has requested the removal of you auction, in good faith, because: the item being sold is restricted by the commercial licensing program or you are selling a nonlicensed manufactured item(s).


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