Sara Moon eBay VeRO ACCOUNT

For Copyright & IP Protection

John D Moulton

My name is John D Moulton, International Business Manager for the artist Bijan Djamalzadeh, creator of 'Sara Moon' artworks. Here at eBay, I monitor the use of the Sara Moon Trade Mark name and all sales of Sara Moon art and merchandise through eBay sites worldwide.

I will sometimes purchase suspect items, either through my personal eBay account or by enlisting the help of 'Sara Moon copyright-friendly eBay buyers' in various locations around the world to check authenticity - or otherwise. I know most of the tricks - such as listing as S@r@ Moon etc. Please don't risk it, it is illegal to sell unofficial merchandise and doing so could cost you your eBay reputation and could even get you suspended from eBay.

I collect information on all listings world-wide that include the words 'Sara Moon' to make sure that these are legitimate items and (as best I can tell) that they are not copies, or that the listing does not use the words 'Sara Moon' in listings that are not Sara Moon Art - for example phrases like 'Similar to Sara Moon' as such listings infringe Bijan's intellectual property rights.

I rarely request items are removed from eBay without first discussing the matter with the seller through the eBay 'Contact Seller' facility. I will only do so where I believe the listing to be a blatant abuse, or where the listing has little time left to run, or where I have had previous communication with the seller on this, or a very similar matter.

You will find information about the eBay VeRO program on eBay
here, or by going to eBay 'Help' then search "VeRO"

Bijan Djamalzadeh
(the artist 'Sara Moon')


It is important for sellers to realise that selling illegal merchandise has a direct and very negative effect on the original creator, by denying them the opportunity to benefit from the result of their hard earned labours.

NOTE: The artist Bijan Djamalzadeh created his art in the name "Sara Moon" both because he believed his own name to be difficult to both spell and to pronounce for many, and because he thought the name had a 'romantic' ring to it that would sit so perfectly with the images he wished to create.



This is an official NON-TRADING eBay VeRO Account. VeRO accounts are only granted to those who have proved to the eBay Legal Department, that they have the right to request a listing or listings be removed.

Listings will be removed by eBay EVEN IF THERE ARE BIDS PRESENT - Losing you credibility with buyers. Such requests are usually actioned VERY quickly and repeated offences can lead to poor reputation at best and eBay suspension at worst.

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