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The Authoritative Resource Center for Legal Nurse
Consultants -- Revolutionizing Nursing Careers One RN at a Time Since 1982

Vickie Milazzo Institute is the authoritative resource center for
nurses seeking to explore the dynamic field of legal nurse consulting. As the pioneers in
this booming profession, the Institute is dedicated to revolutionizing nursing careers one
RN at a time. The Institute is the nation's oldest and largest training institute and the
only publishing company devoted exclusively to this field.

The company has been named by the Houston Business Journal as
one of the Top 100 Small Businesses in Houston and the Institute was selected as the Most
Innovative Small Business by Priority magazine, the 800,000+ circulation business
publication of Pitney Bowes. (Vickie Milazzo Institute is also recognized as a Top 25
Woman-Owned Business by the Houston Business Journal).

The Pioneer of Legal Nurse Consulting

As founder and president of Vickie Milazzo Institute, Vickie L.
Milazzo, RN, MSN, JD pioneered the field of legal nurse consulting in 1982. As the
authoritative educator in this field, she single-handedly created the first national
certification for legal nurse consultants in 1994.
Nationally recognized by attorneys, the CLNC® Certification is the official
certification of the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (NACLNC®).
Because Vickie has trained thousands of RNs throughout the U.S., she shares not only her
own extensive experience, but the experience of thousands of other href="">Certified Legal Nurse Consultants.

An Inc. Top 10 Entrepreneur, Vickie has been profiled in The
New York Times
and many other publications. She has been featured on national TV and
radio as an entrepreneur expert and has received numerous honors and awards, including:

  • Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author
  • Inc. Top 10 Entrepreneur -- one of the top 10 entrepreneurs in
    the U.S.
  • Inc. Top 5000 Fastest Growing Private Company in America
  • Stevie® Award  -- Mentor of the Year
  • Nursing Excellence Award for Advancing the Profession -- NurseWeek

The Institute's Products, Programs and Trademarks

Vickie Milazzo Institute is legal nurse consulting's leading
provider of educational training courses, textbooks, digital audio and video materials and
publications. The Institute makes its educational products available to its students and
graduates on a personal education license basis. This personal education license is
in the form of both an End-User License Agreement/Shrink-Wrap Agreement
affixed to the outside packaging of each of the Institute's educational digital audio and
video materials and publications and on the inside of its textbooks. Under the terms of
these End-User License Agreements/Shrink-Wrap Agreements the concerned
materials may not be transferred, sub-licensed, resold, reproduced, copied or otherwise
redistributed in whole or in part in any form without written permission of the Institute.
By opening and using those materials the purchaser/user agrees to, and becomes bound by,
the terms of the license.

The Institute's trademarks and copyrights are protected by federal
law. The Institute has legal obligations to protect and enforce not only its own
trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property rights, but also those same rights
belonging to its licensors. Certain of the Institute's educational digital audio, video
and other products may not be offered for sale on eBay without authorization from the
Institute and to offer the same without the Institute's permission is a violation of the
Institute's End-User License Agreement/Shrink-Wrap Agreement and personal
education license
. Use of the Institute's trademarks in association with any attempted
sale of the Institute's materials is also prohibited. Additionally, purchasers of
materials that were sold in violation of this license are not eligible for certification,
support, mentoring or other benefits available to those who legally purchase Institute

Sellers violating the End-User Agreement/Shrink-Wrap
and personal education license damage not only the Institute's
reputation but also that of the legal nurse consulting profession. If certain of the
Institute's products are offered for sale or purchase on eBay, that offering may not be
authorized or legal. The Institute is unable to prevent offerings from being posted on
eBay, however, the Institute belongs to eBay's VeRO program and takes appropriate steps to
track and monitor the offering of the Institute's products on eBay. Once aware of such
improper offerings, the Institute, with eBay's cooperation, will act to remove those
offerings. The items covered by the End-User Agreement/Shrink-Wrap Agreement
and personal education license and prohibited from resale on eBay (or otherwise)

  • Core Curriculum for Legal Nurse Consulting® textbook
  • Core Curriculum for Legal Nurse Consulting® audio-CDs
  • Core Curriculum for Legal Nurse Consulting® DVDs
  • Contracts! Contracts! Contracts! CD
  • Advanced CLNC® Practice Building Program textbooks
  • Advanced CLNC® Practice Building Program audio-CDs
  • NACLNC® Apprenticeship textbook/binder
  • NACLNC® Apprenticeship audio-CDs
  • NACLNC® Apprenticeship DVDs
  • CLNC® Marketing LaunchBox CD
  • Private NACLNC® Apprenticeship textbook/binder

Additionally, the Institute will request removal or cancellation of
any offerings that make unauthorized use of the Institute's copyrighted materials,
including product descriptions, text, photographs, images or the Institute's trademarks,
collective marks and/or service marks.

The Institute does not offer any of its products via eBay. If any
materials or other products purporting to be from the Institute or using either the
Institute's or Vickie Milazzo's name or Institute trademarks, collective marks or service
marks appear in an offering you are urged to contact the Institute. Prior to purchasing,
bidding on or offering any items on eBay which you believe may be in violation of the End-User
Agreement/Shrink-Wrap Agreement
and the personal education license, please
forward any questions you may have to
and reference eBay in the subject line. We will respond to you promptly. If you have a
question about an offering or auction cancelled as a result of the VeRO program or would
like to report items offered in violation of this policy please contact us at href=""> and reference eBay in the
subject line. We will respond to you promptly. 

If you wish to learn more about the Institute please visit us at href="">

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