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VeRO Program:


The Victory Seed Company ( is a member of eBay’s Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program. We respect the intellectual property of others and aggressively enforce the proper use of our intellectual property.

Our intellectual property includes copyrighted material, such as photographic images and item descriptions that appear on our website (s) and those of our authorized agents.

Our intellectual property additionally includes our brands and trademarks, including but not limited to Victory Seeds® and™.  Simply put, it is against the law for you to use our intellectual property in your eBay listing.


Federal law does prohibits the unauthorized use of Victory Seed Company intellectual property. Innocent intent or willful blindness does not negate liability for misuse of our intellectual property under U.S. copyright or trademark laws.


To ensure that your eBay listing is legally complaint, refer to your eBay contract and the information provided at  You do not have permission to imply, in any way, that you are associated with Victory Seed Company nor that you are an authorized agent of our company.  Unauthorized use of our brand as a marketing tool is strictly prohibited and aggressively enforced.


We work to ensure that unauthorized uses of our intellectual property are removed from eBay. Because of the many listings at eBay, however, it is hard to discover and remove all unauthorized uses of our intellectual property. Simply because others misuse our intellectual property does not permit you to misuse our intellectual property.


The Victory Seed Company's primary reason for existence as an organization is to help protect open-pollinated and heirloom seed varieties during a time when the diversity of plant life on our planet is quickly shrinking. We have therefore dedicated our efforts to preserving and promoting the use of open pollinated varieties -- old commercial releases as well as family heirlooms -- and working towards the protection of our genetically diverse horticultural heritage.