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The Volkswagen brand, headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany, is one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers and the largest automobile manufacturer in Europe. Our product quality and innovations are especially important to us. For this reason, Volkswagen places high importance on the protection of its products against counterfeiting and the protection of its logo.

When a customer buys a counterfeit product, it is often impossible, even with great effort, to return the product for a refund. In order to prevent such unfortunate situations, customers can inquire at Volkswagen Corp. directly. If a customer is unsure whether a product is original or an authorized license of Volkswagen, they can email


1.  Whom should I contact about my claims?

If you have purchased a product that is not original or not otherwise rightfully licensed by Volkswagen, although you may have thought it was genuine when you purchased the product, please direct your claims, requests for refunds, and complaints to the seller. Volkswagen Corp. is not party to the dispute since they neither made nor sold the product.


2.  What can I do if I learn that the seller’s shop has closed?

If you receive news that a seller’s shop has closed where you recently purchased a Volkswagen product, then the seller was selling counterfeit or non-licensed products. Volkswagen Corp. did not:

  • test or approve the quality or function of the product
  • authorize the use of its logo on the product or
  • sell the product.

For these reasons, Volkswagen Corp. has no information about the quality or operation of such products and is unable to offer replacements, exchange, or refunds. Volkswagen Corp. is not responsible for such products and is not liable for losses suffered as a result of them (i.e. installation and removal costs). If at the time of sale, you were under the impression that the product was an authorized Volkswagen product and you would like to keep the product, claims for damages or refunds must be directed to the seller.


3.  Why was my sale cancelled?

If your sale was cancelled, it is likely because the products were determined to be counterfeit or non-licensed. If you have any further questions, contact us at



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