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If you are hear about trying to sell our "FLAGGER" Logo or "STREET RACING" logo, we ask that you read the COPYRIGHT INFORMATION we have posted here.

Copyright Information
So you like our logo. Thank you. We like it too. We like it so much that it is registered with the US Copyright office. What does that mean? Well it means that you can't use it or any form like it.
Still think you can get away with it? Perhaps you should look at what was sent to someone who tried to do it. It's a letter from a lawyer to him. Page 1 - Page 2

Piracy is the unauthorized, willful reproduction or distribution of copyrighted material. People who distribute pirated works in person or over the Internet via IRC, FTP sites, web sites, or file-sharing networks, and people who download or reproduce pirated works are risking criminal prosecution. Piracy is a crime even when the works are distributed over the Internet for free or where the conduct does not involve monetary gain, such as the trading of pirated products for other pirated products.

The Department of Justice and federal law enforcement will continue to investigate and prosecute individuals and groups that violate the federal criminal copyright laws at home and abroad. For more information on these and other federal anti-piracy investigations, visit www.cybercrime.gov.

Using our logo is the same as using our identity. We, the site and logo owners, have NO PROBLEM getting law enforcement involved with anyone using our logo or it's likeness without EXPLICIT WRITTEN consent from us. Several people have already been prosecuted.

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