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Xmi Pte Ltd (creator and manufacturer of the X-mini™ range of  Capsule Speakers™) is a member of the ebay VeRO Program and is the owner of all intellectual property rights, including trademarks and copyrights, of its complete range of X-mini™ products.

A copyright is the exclusive right owned by an author of a literary, musical, audiovisual or artistic work, giving the author the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute that work.  Different types of copyrights are associated with Xmi Pte Ltd’s range of products. These include various copyrights in the Xmi Pte Ltd company logo, X-mini™ brand logo, product packaging, user manuals, labels, marketing collaterals, photographs, artwork and publications.

Trademarks are distinctive names, words, logos, designs and symbols used to distinguish and represent a product of a particular manufacturer or source.  Xmi Pte Ltd's most widely recognized trademarks include X-mini™, Capsule Speaker™, Buddy-Jack™ and Sound Beyond Size™.  The X-mini™ trademark has been filed in many countries internationally and registrations have been granted in Xmi Pte Ltd's name in many countries.


Please be aware that it is illegal to manufacture, distribution and/or sell counterfeit or pirate X-mini™ goods and these actions will carry criminal penalties. The sale of any X-mini™ products without official authorization from Xmi Pte Ltd is strictly prohibited.


Q:  Why did my auction get terminated?

A:  Your auction was terminated probably because you put up for sale a counterfeit product that violated Xmi Pte Ltd’s copyrights, trademarks and/or design patents or unauthorized use of Xmi Pte Ltd’s copyrights or trademarks have been found in your product listing. Xmi Pte Ltd keeps close tabs on the internet to protect its copyrights and trademarks and also to make sure that fans of the X-mini™ Capsule Speakers™ do not end up purchasing a fake product of inferior quality. As a member of eBay’s VeRO programme, Xmi Pte Ltd will notify eBay if auction listings are found to contain unauthorized uses of trademarks or content and/or artwork which Xmi Pte Ltd owns copyrights and the auction will be removed by eBay in compliance with its user policies. 

Q:  What is a counterfeit?

A:  The production of counterfeits is based on the illegal copying of an original X-mini™ product. Counterfeit products usually come out of China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. It is illegal to produce, distribute or sell counterfeit X-mini™ products.

Q: How do I know if the seller on eBay is authorized by Xmi Pte Ltd to sell X-mini™ products?

A: Xmi Pte Ltd does not encourage the sale of X-mini™ Capsule Speakers™ on eBay because it is difficult to maintain control over the counterfeit products. Xmi Pte Ltd will not honour warranty exchanges for X-mini™ products bought from eBay. To confirm whether or not the seller is authorized by Xmi Pte Ltd to sell X-mini™ products, or to be an authorized seller, please send an email to info@xm-i.com for clarification.

Q:  How do I report any occurrence of infringements on X-mini™ products?

A: To report any infringing items for sale on Internet auction sites, counterfeit products or for any questions that are not answered above or by eBay, please send an email to us at info@xm-i.com.

Please visit our official website www.x-mini.com for detailed information on all our products.   

 About the award-winning X-mini™ Capsule Speaker™

Winner of three prestigious Red Dot Design Awards (Germany) for product design amongst several other international awards, the X-mini™ Capsule Speaker™ is revolutionary in the world of portable audio technology, striking the perfect balance of pocketsize portability with uncompromising sound quality.


The X-mini™ Capsule Speaker™ has a patented extendable vacuum that mimics the resonance of a sub-woofer (Bass Xpansion System™ or BXS™) capable of producing explosive volume and bass beyond its size.


Its other features include the Buddy-Jack function which allows users to connect as many X-mini™ Capsule Speakers™ together to create a more impactful sound experience. Not only so, its USB-rechargeable battery offers long-lasting playback time with the ease of plug-and-play usage. Compatible with a myriad of devices from portable music players to laptops to mobile phones with its 3.5mm jack, the X-mini™ Capsule Speaker™ is the essential accessory to carry around for good quality sound anytime, anywhere!


 About Xmi Pte Ltd

Founded in Singapore, the technology hub of Asia, Xmi Pte Ltd is a technology-driven company focused on bringing the very latest wave of multimedia products to the global market. As we enter a fast-paced digital age, the ability to foresee market trends and react dynamically to market changes becomes quintessential to the success of any technology business.


Xmi Pte Ltd’s main objective is in creating multimedia devices that will precede major trends in Digital Lifestyle Technology. With unique products of superior functionality, mass-market appeal and uncompromising quality, Xmi Pte Ltd is set to push the boundaries of technology with new exciting products and to develop the X-mini brand to be synonymous with future innovations.


Xmi Pte Ltd currently has distribution networks in up to 80 countries across all continents.


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