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In 2003, yogitoes was founded with the creation of Skidless - an invention that solved the yogi’s dilemma of slipping on their mat while practicing yoga. This patented innovation was the first yoga towel to market. Founder Susan Nichols invented a quick-drying microfiber towel with a silicone grip system to ensure proper moisture control and traction, leading to the Company’s trademarked phrase: “dots that grip so you don’t slip™”. Since then, yogitoes has continued to create innovative products that have come from need and inspiration to help yoga practitioners of all levels and yoga styles grow their practice.

At yogitoes, we have deep cultural and philosophical roots that are focused on human and environmental wellness. Since inception, we have maintained a conscious approach to sustainability and mindful practices; from manufacturing to overall operations, to cause involvement and continue to be a leader as a practicing socially conscious company. yogitoes' core value is right relationship, aligning our thoughts, words and actions, practicing yoga on and off the mat by making decisions in all aspects of our business that reflect the yogic principles (referring to The Eight Limbs of Yoga from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras).

This May we proudly unveiled our new line of products aligned with yogitoes' overall “recycle…repurpose…reborn” sustainable and mindful living initiative. This collection of yoga tools is sourced from recycled and repurposed materials and is affectionately branded as rYoga Collection.

Look for our newest adventure... rExperience Lab - where magic meets knowledge, creating and supporting community.
rExperience Lab: 2403 Main Street, Santa Monica, California.

Keeping It Real

yogitoes is a member of the eBay VeRO program.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… but when it comes to infringements and knock-offs, we ask, "Where is the practice of yoga here? Are the yamas* 1,2, and 3 being regarded?”

  1. Ahimsa: Non-violence

  2. Satya: Truthfulness

  3. Asteya: Non-stealing

In 2003, Susan Nichols invented the Skidless® Towel, with yogitoes’ patented Skidless design that prevents slipping. yogitoes holds patents** on Skidless, the absorbent towel with projections, in the US, Australia, Canada and Japan.**

Susan also created rDot™, a creative spin on the block that supports the curves of your body, keeping your muscles active while in balancing poses, and has received notification of patent approval in the US.

Susan also invented and trademarked the word Skidless® and yogitoes®, both used under license by yogitoes, Inc. Since inception, yogitoes has continued to create inventive yoga products, and has several other registered trademarks.***

yogitoes, Inc. vigilantly monitors the market for infringements of our patented designs and trademarks. We strongly take action on any infringements of our trademarks and designs to uphold the value and integrity of our Brand and products.

What is the harm and effect of purchasing an infringed knock-off?

The quality is often poor, made with inexpensive materials such as PVC nubs – a petro-chemical that is unhealthy for consumers and our planet. Our nubs are made from silicone, which is completely sustainable. Infringements are also produced with unknown dyes that can be harmful to you and to the environment, and factory workers making the product. Our dyes are heavy metal, azo and lead free and meet the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard.

yogitoes has high standards for every partner we work with, in accordance with International Labor Organization standards. Buying an infringed knock-off does not guarantee that these standards were met during sourcing and production.

Coming back to the second yama, Satya... we offer our truth and transparency, and hope you will join us in challenging those who operate without this yogic integrity.

With Gratitude,

yogitoes, Inc.

*Yamas and niyamas, often referred to as "the ten commandments” of yoga, listed in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

**Patent numbers:

***Registered Trademarks:

  • ®

  • yogitoes®

  • Skidless®

  • Sweatless®

  • EcoDot®

  • teenitoes®

  • spatoes®

I’m not sure if the link I’m looking at online is for a real yogitoes product, how can I know for sure before I buy it?

If you have a question about a link to a yogitoes product you found online, please contact our customer solutions team. Someone from our team will be happy to help you confirm whether you’re looking at an authentic yogitoes product or not.

Why was my auction terminated or suspended?

Your auction was terminated by eBay, because it is believed your item is either a counterfeit item or that your item is infringing yogitoes' intellectual property. Please see eBay's policies and guidelines here: http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/replica-counterfeit.html


Why does eBay allow these auctions to be posted if they are against the law?


eBay has stated that they cannot conduct a comprehensive review of every auction before it is posted. Unfortunately, this enables unscrupulous individuals to post counterfeit merchandise for sale, in violation of eBay’s own policies, as well as Federal and State laws. eBay will take action once an auction is posted if it is reported as a counterfeit or infringing item.

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