Younique, LLC (“Younique”) is a member of eBay VeRO program and the owner of the trademark’s Moodstruck, Younique flourish that appears above “Younique” as part of the Younique Logo.

To protect the Younique brand, we review items for sale on eBay on a daily basis. Younique does not offer wholesale discounts, purchases directly from our manufacturers, or to buy in bulk from our authorized presenters. If you purchase alleged Younique product at an extremely discounted price online; outside of an authorized presenter’s Younique website, it is possible that the product is counterfeit. Purchasing counterfeit cosmetics can be dangerous as they may contain harmful ingredients.

Younique takes pride in the quality of our products. We offer a “Love It” guarantee to ensure all our consumers are satisfied with the products they purchase from our presenters. Our love it guarantee is only valid if the product is purchased directly from a certified Younique Presenter. Product purchased outside of the approved distribution channel will not qualify for the “Love It” guarantee.  Verification of authorized presenters can be obtained by emailing


Q: Why was my listing removed?

A: Possible reasons for removal include sale of counterfeit Younique products, unauthorized use of copyrighted images, or misuse of the Younique logo. Younique monitors websites daily for violations of intellectual property rights. If a listing is found to infringe upon our rights we will report said listing to VeRO. eBay then takes necessary action to comply with our notice, including removing the listing from the site without prior notice.
Q: Why didn’t you contact me before reporting my listing?

A: Due to the large volume of Younique items for sale on eBay, it is not possible to contact each seller and follow-up with them to ensure that he/she has complied with our request.
Q: Can I legally sell counterfeit products if I identify the products as “replica?”
A: No. It is not legal under federal or common law to sell counterfeit merchandise. Representation of the merchandise as “replica” does not offer exemption from the law. Furthermore, alerting the photos to remove the Younique logo, or not disclosing the brand of the product listed is still illegal and will not be tolerated.

Q: May I use Younique’s images from to list my item?

A: No. Younique LLC does not permit the use of our images list products on eBay. Younique products can only be sold by our authorized presenters and are strictly not for resale by anyone other than an authorized presenters. We are consistently working to remove all the listings of Younique products on eBay. We reserve the right to enforce our Intellectual Property Rights on all unauthorized advertisements containing our products, logos, product descriptions etc.