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VeRO Program:, Inc. and its subsidiaries ("Zappos") is a member of eBay’s Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program.  We respect the intellectual property of others and enforce the proper use of our intellectual property. 


Our intellectual property includes copyrighted material, such as photographic images and item descriptions that appear on our website and websites of our licensees. 


Our intellectual property also includes trademarks, such as the registered federal marks ZAPPOS and ZAPPOS.COM.


Only and our licensees may use our intellectual property.  Federal law prohibits the unauthorized use of Zappos intellectual property.  Innocent intent or willful blindness does not negate liability for misuse of our intellectual property under U.S. copyright or trademark laws.  


To ensure that your eBay listing is legally complaint, please refer to your eBay contract and the information provided at


Please remember that it is against the law to make any unauthorized reproduction, display, or distribution of our copyrighted images and item descriptions.  Your eBay listing may not contain unauthorized use or display of our copyrighted images or item descriptions.  


We work to ensure that unauthorized uses of our intellectual property are removed from eBay.  Because of the many listings at eBay, however, it is hard to discover and remove all unauthorized uses of our intellectual property.  Simply because others misuse our intellectual property does not permit you to misuse our intellectual property. 


You may learn more about Zappos intellectual property at